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The global Feluda


A distinctive feature of Feluda’s cases was that many of them occurred outside Calcutta, all over India and at least on 3 occasions outside India. Memorabilia and locales of these adventures are highlighted

Inverted Jenny 1918

Lincoln 1869

French Vermillion 1849

Indian four annas 1854

Japanese occupation Brunei, 1940

Canada 1850s

British two pence 1841

Deutsche Reich 1940s

Imperil Chinese 1907

The 9 very rare and very expensive stamps from 3 continents mentioned in Chinnomostar Obhishaap. These stamps were a treasure unto themselves and their cumulative value as of 2009 exceed 2.5 million US dollars.

Note : For detailed analysis of these stamps and why they are so rare and expensive, please get in touch with the curators of the Felu museum


The western diamondback rattle snake owned by Bonbiharibabu and the villa deep in the Lakshmanjhula-Rishikesh forest, where he tried to kill Feluda and Topshe with it in the Badshahi Angti. This was possibly the closest call with death that the duo had in their careers. This adventure reminds one of the Holmes’ story, The Adventure of the Speckled Band



Dinanath Lahiri’s yellow Hispano Suiza, manufactured in France in 1923 and imported to India. This car also featured prominently in Agatha Christie’s Seven Dials Mystery. Hispano Suiza has merged with SAFRAN, the French defence and aviation conglomerate



The rare manuscript, later published by Kegan Paul, Trench and Trubner  and Co. that Feluda retrieved from Pakrashi


Mohitosh Singha Roy’s trophy room, Royal Bengal Rohosshyo


Taritbabu’s taritsprishto’, Royal Bengal Rohosshyo. Note the small blade, a characteristic of Moorish/Islamic sword, imported by the Turks to Bengal, circa 13th century AD


‘Muro Hoi Buro Gaach..’ – the poetic cryptogram leading to a treasure in Royal Bengal Rohosshyo. The site is the Kata Thakurani’s temple deep in the Duars forest, where Feluda confronted a tiger, another close call with death. The cryptogram bears some similarity with the riddle in Holmes’ The Musgrave Ritual, Poe’s The Gold Bug and Tagore’s Guptodhon, all of which featured trees as their central motifs


The tiger that Feluda killed in Royal Bengal Rohosshyo and the gun with which he did it. The gun was a .375 H and H Magnum, made by Winchester in 1950 and one of the best big game hunting rifles.

The tiger was later stuffed by Mohitosh Singha Roy and gifted to Feluda



Durgagati Sen’s Pragyaparamita composed circa 11th century AD, featured in Hatyapuri


Bhujanga Nibash, scene of a murder in Hatyapuri


The BNR hotel, Puri where Jatayu had a sumptuous lunch concluded with a soufflé


The crash site of the Indian Airlines (Focker Friendship) flight to Kathmandu at Siddikpur near Taaki


The Yakshi head in possession of Chattoraj and later retrieved by Feluda in Kailashey Kelenkari


Kailash, cave number 15, where the climax of Kailashey Kelenkari took place with the 356 ‘metagon’ military smoke bomb


Christ’s Head – Tintorettor Jishu. Jacopo Comin, previously Jacopo Robusti aka Tintoretto (1514-1594) was the master late Italian renaissance and pre Baroque painter. In his life time he painted about 60 Christ motifs but none of them featured Christ’s head on its own. This is probably the only painting of Christ’s head known which came into possession of the Neogi family in Rome. This adventure took Feluda to Hongkong.


The river Cam with the Trinity College in the background, scene of a tragedy in Londoney Feluda



221 B Baker Street, home of Feluda’s mentor and to whom he paid tribute in Londoney Feluda. This museum is the driving force behind the creation of Feluda’s own museum


Disclaimer : This is a pure hobbyist site without any financial implications and our grateful thanks to all those who have contributed. We have adopted the use of the photographs in this site under the Fair Use and Copyleft policy. For the Feluda brand name, we thank Mr Sandip Ray.  If anyone who believes that his/her photograph is copyrighted, please get in touch and we will do the needful.


Note : Visitors to this site are welcome to post their comments in the ‘comments’ section and can contribute to the collection as they wish. The contribution will be uploaded subjected to the curators’ decision.


Script & collection by Sidhu Jyatha (Orkut)

Curators : Sidhu Jyatha and The Indian Jedi

Webmaster: Indian Jedi (Orkut)