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Feluda was born probably in Dhaka in 1940. His father was Jaikrishna Mitra, a mathematics and Sanskrit professor in Dhaka Collegiate School. It was likely that he might have started his education here before the family moved to Calcutta after 1947. This school had produced luminaries like Meghnad Saha and Buddhadeb Basu. Feluda himself studied in Scottish Church College and represented his college in cricket in Lucknow.

Dhaka Collegiate School, circa 1940

Feluda's House
21 Rajani Sen Road, Kolkata 29

Scottish Church, Felu's Alma Mater

A very young Felu in a college debate, circa 1960

Feludas favourite cigarette, the oldest brand in India, manufactured by Vazir Sultan Tobacco Co.

Feluda's Binoculars


Feluda’s green exercise book/diary where he scribbles his observations and analysis in the English language but in Greek alphabet

Feluda's favourite camera

Feluda's Mountaineering Boots (Gangtok)

Feluda's Timetable
The Newman Bradshaw


Feluda’s revolver – the Colt .32 snub nosed New Police Detective Special, manufactured circa 1958. The original .32 had a longer barrel until the late 1920s when J H Fitzgerald shortened the .32 Colt Police Positive Special to use as a belly gun. Feluda’s firearm was probably the second generation and he had used this revolver to good effect.


What Dr Watson is to Sherlock Holmes, Topshe is to Feluda. He was Feluda’s cousin and lived in the same house. There is a possibility that his mother and Feluda’s mother were sisters. He is the only teenage assistant to a crime fighter known. About 13 years younger than Feluda, Topshe was an indispensable companion and was the narrator of Feluda’s exploits. He did not possess much personal paraphernalia and whatever could be gleaned are presented.


Topshey's favourite puzzle

Jules Verne's 'The Carpathian Castle' one of Topshey's books


Lalmohan Ganguli, aka Jatayu


Feluda and Topshe’s inseparable companion. He was a writer of best selling mystery and adventure thrillers for a young audience. First meeting the duo in Sonar Kella, Jatayu’s contribution to Feluda’s exploits was immense. He lived in Garpar Road, North Calcutta and studied in Athenaeum Institution. He wanted to be an actor but ended up being a mystery writer. He had probably been inspired by Mrs Ariadne Oliver, Hercule Poirot’s friend and writer of detective fiction. It was Jatayu who bought a car that significantly helped Feluda in getting mobile.

Jatayu's weapon: Boomerang (Baksho Rohosshyo)

Jatayu's Weapon: A Smoke Bomb (Kailashey Kelenkari) ''356 Metagon''

Jatayu's Weapon: A Nepali Khukuri (Rust Free) (Sonar Kella)

Jatayu's Car
An indispensable accessory in many of Feludas adventures- a Mark II Ambassador


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