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The local Feluda


Many of Feluda’s exploits were in and around the great megapolis and in Bengal. One of the best of Feluda adventures was in Calcutta with brilliant snippets of old Calcutta. This collection highlights some memorabilia from these exploits.


The original clavichord in Samaddarer Chabi. The panel on the left slid open following a patterned harmony and revealed concealed money. This was probably one of Feluda’s most intense deduction cases. The original classical melochord as designed by Harold Bode was larger and with a foot pedal. The instrument described in the adventure was more likely to be a clavichord rather than a melochord



The old Hupmobile in Ghurghutiyar Ghotona. This car dates back to the 1920s as Hupmobile, an American company stopped making convertibles from 1930s


One of the books offered to Feluda if he could successfully crack the code in Ghurghutiyar Ghotona. He later declined the offer. The original book was in French. Goboriau created Mn. Lecoq after Inspector Vidocq and predated Holmes


39039820 – the old safe with a combination dial in Ghurghutiyar Ghotona manufactured by Herman and Co, San Francisco



The tomb of Thomas Godwin, late of the Nawab of Lucknow’s court and in possession of a very valuable object as described in Gorasthane Shabdhan

Thomas Godwin’s ivory casket languishing with his descendant in Ripon Street in Gorasthane Shabdhan and containing a priceless diary


Godwin’s silver snuff box which was stolen by Marcus for their seance. Feluda stole it along with the ivory casket.


The Perigal Repeater made by Francis Perigal, His Majesty the King’s official watch maker. The Perigal family emigrated to England with many others in the 17th century following Huguenot persecution in France and became watch and clock makers by their own right. This watch was a repeater which was originally built to know the time in darkness when a mechanism ‘repeated’ the hour in chimes. Solid gold mount, circa 1784


Golakdham – a very old country estate in Ballyganj in Calcutta, as mentioned in Golakdham Rohosshyo


‘Shobdobhedi’ – the ivory walking stick with which blind Nihar Dutta killed his victim for revenge by following the latter’s snoring in Golakdham Rohosshyo. This adventure had a faint similarity with Byomkesh Bakshi’s Chorabali


Napoleoner Chithi – written to his general from Elba in 1814 and signed with a flourish on the left hand corner


Amatir Bhepu – the hugely expensive violin owned by Indranarayan in Bosepukurey Khunkharapi. Nicola Amati from Cremona crafted this instrument in circa 1670. An Amati in 2009 will cost in excess of 2 million US dollars. Some violinists own original Amatis and Anne Sophie Mutter has an Amati called ‘Emiliano’


Dr Rajen Munshi’s diary which highlighted the criminal exploits of 3 people who escaped the law


Disclaimer : This is a pure hobbyist site without any financial implications and our grateful thanks to all those who have contributed. We have adopted the use of the photographs in this site under the Fair Use and Copyleft policy. For the Feluda brand name, we thank Mr Sandip Ray.  If anyone who believes that his/her photograph is copyrighted, please get in touch and we will do the needful.


Note : Visitors to this site are welcome to post their comments in the ‘comments’ section and can contribute to the collection as they wish. The contribution will be uploaded subjected to the curators’ decision.


Script & collection by Sidhu Jyatha (Orkut)

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